Tuesday, February 10, 2009

You Have a Choice

In our last post we pointed out that each of us makes about 200 food and beverage choices a day. That’s a great opportunity! Just think of all the chances that gives us to make healthy choices.

And, while we’re making those choices, we need to factor in number of servings and portion size. By consistently making just a few better choices (such as choosing water over soda), we can create behavior change—and when we change a few behaviors—open the floodgates.

Dr. Steven Lamm, Internist with NYU School of Medicine and Contributing Editor of the Best Life Magazine, points out that the foods we choose to eat on a daily basis contribute 80% to whether we will develop diabetes, heart disease, or cancer. This is something we can all do—and it’s in our own best interests.

So, why don’t we?

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