Wednesday, April 22, 2009

LoneStart, Social Networking, and Yes, Now Facebook – and Twitter

As we promote our message and wellness strategy, we continue to make new connections. We now have a business page on Facebook and a presence on Twitter, and invite you to interact and show your support for LoneStart Wellness by becoming a “fan” on our business page, and “follow us” on Twitter. We also have a “Find us on Facebook” link on our home page. (It’s embarrassing not to have fans or followers, so please add your name!)

The feedback we get from client organizations is that our strategy is a positive “nuts and bolts” approach, is turnkey, inexpensive and wasn’t a burden to administer. Our 63-Day Team Esteem Challenge has had the positive, though unintended benefit of creating a rare teambuilding opportunity for rank and file employees. These are benefits that go beyond the initial goal of wellness, yet address employee satisfaction and retention. This is part of the social impact and sustainability we strive to achieve. Are Facebook and Twitter the social networking tools that will make this happen? Probably not, but perhaps they will prove to be effective links. We invite your feedback.

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