Thursday, December 3, 2009

Wellness, Fitness . . . and Family Values

Does the question, “Is wellness fundamentally important” shock you?

Believe it or not, there are individuals and organizations that look at wellness more as a “luxury item” than as a value, more optional than necessary. But, what happens if rather than an add-on, we viewed wellness as an integral part of our being? Our foundation.

Our lifestyles today are busier than ever, leaving us with little spare time (whatever that is). In order to maintain this tempo we need to take care of ourselves and make the positive choices that will take us in the direction away from pending “illness” and toward wellness.

“Great,” you’re thinking. “One more thing I need to do.” Well, yes—and no. While you may find yourself “adding” new behaviors that take you down the wellness road, you may just as easily find these new behaviors can come about simply by making positive substitutions . . . water instead of soda, stairs instead of escalator, walking instead of sitting in front of the TV.

Resist the urge to do everything all at once to begin to make wellness a family or organizational value. Small adjustments and modification can add up to big results. Mindful choices made each day will result in steady changes leading to sustainable health and wellness.

The effect is cumulative—and what we do—or don’t do determines our success and our overall wellness. Imagine thinking of laying a foundation of wellness as you would think of breathing—in other words, not as a choice but an automatic response and action. So, take a deep breath. Your values—and actions—speak to what is most important to you in life. And how you value wellness becomes the foundation that will make it possible to create a Culture of Wellness within your organization as well as a recognized, personal value.

Back to the original question: Is wellness fundamentally important? And, is it important to you?

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