Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Yellow Brick Road to Wellness

Remember The Wizard of Oz? We know the story is about more than flying monkeys, witches, ruby slippers, tornadoes, lions, a tin man, scarecrows, munchkins and a heroine named Dorothy (and her little dog Toto). We know it’s about more than the Great Oz, and his room of mirrors and illusions, all used to sell himself as the one who knows all.

The real story here is about what each of us already possesses inside ourselves—and that is the power to change our behavior and become who, and what we want to be. Most of us just need a little nudge. When we are told, and then believe that we can go out and do something and that we already have the skills to do it, most of us will make the effort to make it happen. Won’t we?

This is where LoneStart Wellness comes in. When we engage people through our proven, sustainable workplace wellness initiative, we show them they really can change their daily behaviors and begin to make positive lifestyle choices. They Achieve and Believe, and they achieve even more. This is one of the major differences between our hands on / high touch initiative and other more passive, on-line wellness programs.

As Dorothy, the Scarecrow, the Tin Man and the Cowardly Lion set off down the yellow-brick road, they were each in search of something—something it turns out they already possessed. The Lion was after courage, the Tin Man a heart, the Scarecrow wanted brains, and Dorothy just wanted to go home. The Great Oz (much like LoneStart Wellness) knew they already had what they needed—he just had to show them how to believe it.

We know it’s up to each individual person to make healthier choices, we just provide the toolkit (the courage, the heart, the brains—and the ruby slippers—and a great worksite wellness program) to make it happen. Are you ready?

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