Sunday, May 15, 2011

Are You ‘Lovin’ It? Really?

The Unites States Department of Agriculture says we spend about half our food budgets in restaurants (fast food and sit-down). That food tends to be higher in calories, sodium and saturated fat—and when we eat out, we tend to eat more . . . more cheap products full of fillers and fat.

The fast-food industry is fueled by speed and convenience. Just think of the convenience price tag alone of restaurant and fast food meals. And, if that’s not enough to lure potential customers, look at the industry’s advertising, marketing, spokespeople and slogans. We are constantly bombarded with messaging like this:

  • What you want is what you get. (McDonald’s)
  • You deserve a break today. (McDonald’s)
  • We love to see you smile. (McDonald’s)
  • Where’s the beef? (Wendy’s)
  • It’s better here. (Wendy’s)
  • Have it your way. (Burger King)
  • Your way, right away. (Burger King)
  • Best food for fast times. (Burger King)
  • We do chicken right. (KFC)
  • Finger lickin’ good. (KFC)
  • It takes two hands to hold a whopper. (Burger King)
  • Now you’re eating! (Pizza Hut)
  • Gather ‘round the good stuff. (Pizza Hut)
  • We’re lovin’ it. (McDonald’s)

Get the picture? And, these are just the words . . . the print ads and TV commercials typically show lots of smiles, a happy family enjoying a family outing. What they don’t show are numbers. A typical fast food meal, entrée, fries and beverage, can run under $5 and be served in less than five minutes. It can also average more than 1,000 calories and more than one-half the recommended daily limit of sodium, cholesterol and fat—and calories.

There’s now one fast food outlet for every 1,500 Americans and more than 1,000 of these adults and children are overweight or obese. Do you think maybe we’re “lovin’ it” just a little too much?

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