Monday, August 6, 2012

Beyond the Scale

First, I’m not saying the scale isn’t important, but it’s only one measure of several. Yes it’s The Scale, it’s numbers, yet it’s only one indicator of progress. Your wellness journey is much more than numbers on The Scale.

We’re talking about wellness, and in this, we’re talking about health, and so we’re really talking about thriving. The decision to make positive lifestyle behavior choices, and becoming mindful of those choices isn’t something reflected in your scale’s vocabulary. And while the magic number is important, moving beyond that number to the what, how and why significantly increases your chances of success.

When you only look at the number on the scale to gauge your progress, what happens when you build muscle (which we know weighs more than fat)? What happens if you retain water? What about when you hit that plateau? What about vacation, or special occasions, and sometimes just plain life? These are all very human realities, and they’re all good reasons why The Scale isn’t the only indicator of success.

If you’re making positive lifestyle choices and are becoming more physically active, The Scale might actually report a gain—yet you’ve lost inches and maybe a size. You look better, you feel better, you have more energy, and you feel good about what you are accomplishing. Rest assured, keep going and The Scale will follow your lead.

As an alternative to becoming a slave to The Scale, I suggest you focus on those personal victories that take you toward your goal to lead a healthier lifestyle. Playing with your children, setting a good wellness example for your family, giving away pounds of clothes that no longer fit, dancing into the night, actually chasing the dog, going out to eat and taking half home, discovering a taste for vegetables . . . and the list goes on, and is personal because your list reflects your accomplishments.

So, what are you after that goes even beyond the numbers on The Scale? And, what are you ready to do to get there?

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