Friday, January 18, 2013

The Road to Wellness . . . Step by Step, Plan by Plan

Not all steps are big steps and not all plans are big plans, and not all roads are smooth—the point is to plan ahead and take those steps. How else will you reach your goals? And, without planning ahead, without taking a step forward, how else will you move past the detours and roadblocks when you have a “misstep?”

What you do today, how you utilize the present, has a real and direct effect on how well you will meet your goals tomorrow. And yes, it does require even minimal planning. Start small.

Take a few minutes and think about what you want to accomplish—short term and long term. Be specific. Try to anticipate the roadblocks, and know that you will come face-to-face with a few. But, here’s where planning comes back in to play. If you have a “detour plan” in place, you still know where you’re going.

Commit to your plan. Whether you do it publicly or privately, make that commitment to yourself—and then stay with it. Congratulate and reward yourself when you see that your progress is moving you toward your goals. After all, it’s your plan and they are your goals and ultimately only you can make them happen—so give it all you’ve got.

Finally, don’t let the roadblocks you will face become dead ends. The temptations and setbacks provide an opportunity to prove to yourself that you can move past them. If you stick with your plan and take the necessary steps to move toward your goal, you will find you have what it takes to deal with problems that are out of your own control.

To complete the analogy, you’re on the road to wellness, potholes and all. It helps to remember that the road to wellness is always under construction.

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