Thursday, February 28, 2013

But, It's Good For You

How many times have you heard . . . Stand up straight, it’s good for you. Eat your vegetables, it’s good for you. You need more sleep, it’s good for you. Turn off the TV and go outside and play, it’s good for you. Put the cookie back and go get an apple out of the fridge, it’s good for you.  Guess what? It’s all true.

Yet, in your very heart of hearts, do you know why it matters? Do you know your possibilities and your limitations? Do you know that what you believe, to a great degree predicts and determines the life you will experience?  This too, is true—you can’t fully live a life that’s disconnected from your belief system. What you believe and the strength of those beliefs can weigh you down and anchor you to a life of disappointment if you don’t act on them—or lift you up, opening the possibilities of a life full of what you want it to be.

In your life, there are things you believe in and want to do. It matters that you work toward and embrace them.

Believe it—you can become that person you want to be. Believe in your resiliency, and no matter how far away you think you might be today from where you want to be, know that you can develop those attributes, attitudes and skills necessary to reach your goals. And, if your health and well-being isn’t one of those goals, I’m thinking you will find it hard to reach other goals.

Yet belief is just the first step. If you don’t believe you can rise to the occasion, that you just don’t have it in you, then you will never take the needed next steps toward your dreams, because you won’t believe it’s possible to reach them.

Only fear and doubt stand in your way. When you believe in your potential, you will feel confident in taking those necessary steps to eliminate the obstacles that stand in your way. Your choices in life will determine how you experience your life—the actions you take toward your goals will be influenced by your thoughts and attitudes. And those attitudes will be formed by what you come to believe is good for you.

So, think about what’s really good for you—and for your family, your friends, and community. We’re all connected, after all. Make the most of those positive connections—they’re good for you!

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