Tuesday, March 25, 2014

There’s Always the Option of Doing Nothing

Have you ever felt you were trapped in an empty, abandoned place, with no way out?

We like to think we are the makers of our destiny. We want to think we will in time accomplish our goals and that our choices are endless. But those choices will work for us or against us, and will more than likely determine whether or not we achieve our goals. It’s what paralyzes some of us into choosing the option of doing nothing. 

Sometimes though, that might not be the worst thing we can do. Do something or do nothing. That leaves the door open to the opportunity of doing the right thing, the wrong thing or that thing that just really doesn’t matter, or for the moment of doing nothing. Goals require commitment, and as we work toward those goals, sometimes what the commitment itself requires changes along the way. And, it’s that change itself that might actually get in your way.

In its own way, the option of doing nothing is an action all in itself. It opens the path to not giving up, not moving forward in an unproductive direction, yet leaving all options available. We, all of us, tend to believe that when we choose one option, that excludes the others—and that’s not always true—it’s just how we tend to view it. Maybe, sometimes it’s the absolutely easiest way to view it? 

Through life, we continue to learn to know ourselves. Our attitudes and behaviors change over time, we re-define who we are, and as a result, our decisions and actions change. The option of doing nothing isn’t a cop-out, but in a way, it’s a time-out, making time to change direction, to re-program our course.

Moving forward, being persistent, meeting challenges are good things, as long as you know the “who, what, when, where, how and why’s.” Yet, it’s probably safe to say, most of us reach a point, maybe reach that point many times over, when we can’t answer those questions. Things change. We want to move forward, but may not be sure quite how, or in what direction. 

Choosing the option of doing nothing doesn’t mean we won’t continue on our path, it only means we look at it again, make corrective changes, and then move forward once again.

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