Thursday, August 21, 2014

Nothing Changes If Nothing Changes

Have you heard that before? It’s so simple, and it’s so true.  

If you follow this Blog, you are already familiar with LoneStartNow. You know we promote a gratitude attitude, as well as making modest yet meaningful changes in daily lifestyle behavior choices. We also ask that you are open to new opportunities and make the most of them when presented with fresh information or a new direction.

This is where change comes in, real change, and sometimes it means making a really big adjustment. Sometimes it means simply (or not so simply), changing your mindset.

All of us have made up our minds about any number of things—things we care about, don’t care about, what we think is right, what we think is wrong, what makes us happy and what makes us unhappy. When it comes to healthy behaviors and healthy lifestyle choices, most of us know what we should do, but maybe not how we should do it. And, if we’re lucky enough to know both the what and the how, we still need to figure out the from here to there part of changing a mindset to reach those healthier goals.

This is where you need to ask yourself a few questions, and provide honest answers.

Consider what it would mean if something you believe is absolutely set in stone right now, is really flexible? What might happen if you open some of those non-negotiables up for discussion—with yourself? And then, what might happen if by changing the way you think about all of those fixed mindsets in your life, you could create real change in your life?

Changing your thoughts, or mindset, is the first step in changing behavior and lifestyle behavior choices. So how do you go about changing your thoughts? You can start by reconsidering those mindsets you thought were permanently fixed. Question yourself about what matters most, and then it’s time to make what may be a few hard choices. Let your mind consider options that might be a little outside of your comfort zone.  The opportunity for change just might open the floodgates.

At the same time, it’s time to begin looking beyond yourself. Your change in thoughts may require some help from friends and family. Reach out to those you trust—you’ll be amazed at how ready they are to help you meet your goals—they may even want to join you on the journey.

Finally, you have to realize everything doesn’t happen all at once. Changing just one modest, but meaningful thing is a start. And, keep in mind, that first step is sometimes the easiest—it’s the steps that come after that require commitment and dedication.

You will come to see that when your mind is open to new ideas you will find greater flexibility in how you view what you can and can’t and will and won’t do.

 Change your mind—change your life. Just remember, “if nothing changes, nothing changes.”

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